Margaret Rogers

Please read the testimony of how Margaret, born in Dowlais, the longest serving member of our church, arrived on her path to being a born again Christian, and a little about her life, below.

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Margaret Rogers

Does it last?

I was privileged to be born into a Christian home on May 18th 1931 in Dowlais. According to my father my birth was accompanied by a terrific thunderstorm with lightening flashing all night.

In the aftermath of the depression due to pit strikes, no work was available. My father was offered work found for him by a cousin, Harry Bellamy, at the Windsor colliery, Abertridwr, where my uncle Harry worked. A Powell Duffryn (PD – owners of the pit) house went with the miners’ employment complete with a bathroom! After 12 moves to apartments in Dowlais and Fochriw areas, this was like moving into Buckingham palace – (19 Graigwen Crescent).

One of the first things on the agenda was to locate a Pentecostal church similar to the church in Dowlais, founded during the 1904 Steven Jeffreys revival meetings. Working in the pit, my father became aware of a newly built Pandy Lane Mission in Caerphilly, and soon my sister Maisie, brother Leslie, dad, mam and I were walking from Aber to Pandy Lane to their services. Later on we acquired second hand bikes. We were often invited by members of the church to stay for dinner or tea on a Sunday.

My father, Arthur Williams, was a local preacher and ministered in many local churches accompanied by my mother, Eva who sang solos. She had a beautiful voice.

I spent most of my school holidays at my grandmother’s home in Dowlais. When I was about 8 years old my father broke his leg in a pit accident and was taken to the Miners’ hospital while I was in school. My mother had gone to visit him. I arrived home to find no one at home in the house – upstairs, downstairs or even in the garden. I thought Jesus had returned and my parents had gone up to heaven, leaving me behind! It was then I realised that I’d never asked Jesus into my heart and asked for forgiveness of sin.

A month after this (I was now 9 years old) and when in Granny Payne’s house in Dowlais, I accompanied my two aunts to the Elim Church in Dowlais. Pastor Leslie Green ministered there and I felt a surge of emotion. When an appeal was given I raised my hand, signifying I wanted to accept Jesus as my Saviour. When I woke the following morning, I felt so excited, like the feeling one gets when it is Christmas Morning or a birthday. I suddenly realised that my sins had gone and I was forgiven and could look forward to going to heaven when my time on earth was ended.

During these 90 years there have been many valleys and mountains, but I’m still journey with the Lord who is Faithful – yes – this salvation lasts.

Margaret Rogers.
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