About Pandy Lane


At present, Pandy Lane Pentecostal Church is an independent church.

We are a fairly small congregation with around forty members of all ages; from a few very young to a few very mature.

Most of the members are local people, but some do travel in from surrounding areas including Cardiff. We are a Bible believing body who believes that the nine-fold gifts are for the church today.

We hold a separate prayer meeting on a Tuesday night because we believe that prayer is the powerhouse to any church. It is during these precious moments of prayer when the Lord speaks to us and takes us deeper with Himself. Pandy Lane focuses on supporting a few missionaries regularly and have many more missionaries coming to share with us on a regular basis.

Pandy Lane also evangelise in the local area and try to make a positive impact the community around us.

Our History

In 2011 we were blessed to be able to celebrate the 80th anniversary of our church building. And in 2021, even during lockdown, remembered this special occaision.

To mark the occasion, we held a weekend of meetings and were privileged to have past and present pastors of Pandy Lane share God’s Word with us, and also share with us the joyful memories that they hold of Pandy Lane. There are videos of some of the testimonies.

To sum up the 84 years existence of Pandy Lane Pentecostal Church, a scripture spring to mind.

 Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.

1 Samuel 7:12

Our Pastor

Our Pastor Samuel Wright came to us in December 2004.

His teaching, which he has received from the Lord, has been encouraging, challenging and steadfast, preparing us for service to the Glory of God. He has a unique ministry which expounds the scriptures and is focused on the living Word of God.

During his teenage years he was involved with Emmanuel Beach Missions cycling from his hometown of St Helens (Merseyside) to the sunny coasts of South Wales. After completing three years of theological training in a missionary, faith Bible College in Wales, he was a youth Pastor in an AOG church in Swansea for almost two years.

Following that he was an assistant pastor in Full Gospel Hall AOG church in Eastham, London for two years. Feeling the call of God, he returned to the Bible College of Wales in Swansea with his wife Rhian as a staff member and a trustee. There he lectured in Evangelism both practically and theoretically, organizing and running evangelistic youth camps for various churches in the Welsh valleys. He preaches in many churches in the South Wales area and pioneered many youth clubs in churches.

After many years living by faith, he was called to assist a Baptist church in Pembroke Dock and for three years took up a full-time pastorate position, before receiving the call to Pandy Lane. Since coming to Pandy Lane his wife has given birth to two sons, Reuben and Seth. You can contact him from our contact page.

Our Belief