James Allen

After a bad childhood, I came to live with my Nan at the age of fifteen. I was deeply hurting and looking for happiness. First of all I tried the heavy metal scene and very nearly got influenced into witchcraft. I believe that it was only the grace of God that kept me from such things. I did start drinking heavy. Secondly I entered the rave scene and started taking soft drugs which eventually led to me starting to take cocaine.
It was then that I met a girl in work and we became friendly. She took me out a few times bowling with her church group, most of which I worked with. One night she asked me if I had a Bible. I said I had and she asked if she could see it. I went and got it and showed it to her, proud of the fact that it had been signed by the Bishop of Venezuela. She was not impressed. She turned to the book of Revelation and told me about the Rapture, that one day the Lord will come back to earth from Heaven to take the Christians back with him to heaven. I was terrified and agreed to go to church with her.
A few weeks later I asked her if I could come with her to church. We went to The City Temple in Cardiff and there I gave my heart to the Lord. As her parents went to Pandylane Pentecostal Church in Caerphilly, we started going and have been ever since. Straight away, the Lord took away the desire for drink, drugs and cigarettes without any withdrawal symptoms.
That girl is now my wife Ceri and we have a little daughter and a son. The Lord has proved faithful to us and has blessed us in many ways since.